My Last Goodbye

It has been a long 3 months with my battle with this cancer and now that the wound has begun to bleed, it is time for me to say goodbye to those who have loved and cared for me the most. I know they will miss me more than can ever be told and I am sure my dad will do something on a computer somewhere to make sure the whole world knows about me and what I have done for a small family of four. I do not go easily as I loved the big dope, but there are things that even I can not overcome like cancer.

I know it will be hard not to cry when you think about me, but please try to turn these into tears of joy as that is why you are crying. You are remembering all of the fun we had and the silly games that we played. You are also remembering some of the not so good times like when I destroyed your couch and a bed and maybe a blanket on another couch and some carpeting, but I was sick and you did what you needed to make me better.

I leave knowing that not only did you make my life better, but more importantly I made yours better. I may have been skid-dish and run from my own shadow, but that did not stop you from finding me and holding me until I would drool with joy while being scratched on the head and purring so loud you could not hear the TV. You know the joys of owning two cats that one second will play, cuddle and wrestle with each other for hours and then turn on each other and fight like cats do. I was you best friend and you were mine.

Finally I know that I am leaving because you love me so much. You do not want your furry little boy to suffer anymore and you want him to have some dignity left before he leaves. For every thing you have given me, I thank you and love you.


To all.
I had the task of taking Gizmo to the vet so that he could be relieved of the pain that I could see in his eyes. As is a custom for Mel’s family, he was given a McDonald’s cheeseburger before the trip. To our surprise, he ate the whole thing (not the bun of course). We both felt extremely bad for what we knew was the right thing as Gizmo was still Gizmo, but he could no longer put any weight on the infected leg. That morning the leg had begun to puss and bleed, so we knew that before long, our brave little fur ball would be in incredible pain that he did not deserve. He had already lost 10 pounds in 3 months (2/3 of his body weight), we could not have him suffer anymore.

On the trip to the vet, Gizmo did his usual meowing and when we got there he knew that this would be the last time for us. Since Dr. Maggie Regner had opened the office early for us, we could sit in the waiting room until it was time. I opened the cage door and Gizmo began to purr like he always did when you would scratch his head. When we were brought into the room, he continued to purr and I continued to cry. I know he did not suffer as he purred until he could not purr anymore. I left him only after I knew he was asleep, but he will never leave me. I really need to thank Dr. Regner for making this process as quick and as dignified as it can be.

Gizmo, I love you!!! Even though you are gone, you have left your mark on quite a few things in the house, but most importantly you have made me love cats even more. You may be gone from this world, but you will never be gone from my thoughts. Yes I have created a blog for stories of your life, but it is the only way to ensure that I will always remember the fun we had in the mornings before work and the night you would sleep at my feet while I did work on my computer. This blog gives me the ability to add that quick story to make sure I can cherish it forever.

I also want to to know, that your sister Panda is having a hard time with you not here. We have all seen her sad at times, but I can now see that she did love you and will miss you.

Goodbye Gizmo and I will miss “Scratch your head”

Your dad,

Greg Thomas


On this blog, you will get to read various stories of my escapades while living with Panda Cat, dad and mom Thomas. They were wonderful family for me to have even though i was filled with many quirks. To learn about me before I became a Thomas, please read the about me page, other wise feel free to post your story and read what others have written.

Thank you all for being a part of my life.

Gizmo Cat Thomas

Coming Home

It is now Sunday, November 24, 2002. My new family is home, but someone else is bringing me home. There is also this guy on in the car that I do not like, so to make sure he knows of this, I claw his jacket and make a small little hole in with my claws.

So I get home and am allowed to run around this nice apartment, but I forget that there is this watch kitty on patrol and the next thing you know, Panda Cat is on me like white on rice. My mom and day rescue me and wouldn’t you know it, put me in a cage to keep that wild animal away from me.

The next couple of weeks are trying for both of us as Panda will walk by the cage and hiss and five minutes later, if the cage is open, she will hop into the loft with me to keep me warm. Like I have said, Panda is a peculiar cat, but I will always have her backĀ even though I am not sure she wants me around.